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Lush Radio Ready Sound?

Have you ever listened to one your songs and thought it was okay, but then put on a cd from an industry top selling artist only to realize that it didn't sound nearly as full and rich?

You Only Have One Chance To Make A First Impression. Digital Mastering Is Often That Missing Element You Need To Compete With The Major Artists!

Here at Slaughter Sound Music, we offer Digital Mastering for your Cd album projects. We use some the best specialized equipment and Tools that are crafted and designed to give you the very best possible sound for your cd projects. I've been Mastering for over 20 years with tons of experience Mastering music in many different music genres. We also use some of the Most Accurate Monitor speakers to hear all the necessary detail that is so critical in making important decisions for your music.

But most importantly, is training your ears to be able to listen carefully to the music and determine when and where which tools are needed to bring out the best in that song, because there is no one size fits all. Every song needs and deserves it's own special treatment.

Check out the Video explaining why you need Mastering and learn what It can do to improve your sound quality!

Master just one or two songs or Master an entire Cd project. No project is too small or too big!
Fast turnaround times are important too. We don't keep you waiting!

  • Big Full Industry Standard Radio Ready Sound!
  • Fast Turnaround Times!
  • Experienced Engineer with Twenty Years Mastering Experience!

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