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Do I Really Need To Backup My Files?

Is it really necessarily to backup? That is a very important question. When I’m working on an important project that I just can’t afford to loose, I backup not only at the end, but many times in the early stages and the middle  as well. There is a saying that more and more people are…

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How To Prepare Your Music For Mastering

Just what is Mastering?  I get this question all the time. Mastering is a vital part of the recording process. It’s basically the process of preparing the final mix of the  recording into the (Master) which is   the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication). …

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Demo of Mojo Horns Part 2, The Saxes

Here is Part 2 of the Mojo Horns Demo. This video focuses mainly on the Saxes. but the things I am going over can apply to the trumpets and trombones as well.

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Demo Of Mojo Horns Plug In Part 1

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Real Hands On Tips To Jump Start Your Music Production!

Hello! Welcome to the Blog of Eliot Slaughter,  of  Slaughter Sound Music!  I have been making my living as a Music Producer exclusively for the last 20 years!  I am  grateful for the ability to do something  that I love with a Passion!! I have been fortunate to get the chance to work with a…

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