Here at Slaughter Sound Music you can turn your Musical Vision and Dreams into Reality!

You can come in and let your Creativity go to work  in a very Productive Environment

using some of the Best Equipment Available, along with Experienced Production Assistance.

Be Yourself –  Be Comfortable – Get Creative – Make Great Music!

First I am a Musician who has a genuine passion for playing, producing and  recording  music.   I’m   a keyboard player who started on piano at age 6 and later ventured to organ and synthesizers, guitar, sax and drums,  but  decided  to  focus on keyboards  as  my main instrument.

Since  having played  so many instruments , I have a feel for   the   capabilities    and expressiveness of a  wide variety of instruments and styles of music.  I feel it’s important to pay close attention to  the sensibilities of the music and to enhance and bring out the best  in the genre
of the Artist you are working with without overplaying and overshadowing the Music.

I  grew up in an musical environment due to my father being a  Keyboardist as well. I was exposed to all the Jazz Greats as well as the funky soul sounds of Motown, and the Classic Rock, Pop, and Classical music, in which I all embraced.

I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education. After leaving Boston, I have been in constant demand as a keyboard player, playing on many cd’s, sessions, and supporting countless groups, and also as an Artist/ Producer and Recording Engineer.

I own and operate a Recording Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio called  Slaughter Sound Music.
I’m always very relaxed, and I try to make the  Artists feel the same.   In my State of the Art  studio Artists and bands can work together and
with me  uninterrupted  as we work together to sculpt their  perfect sound!

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